R. Ríos, M. G. Sandoval Esquivel, J. A. Díaz

Territory design deals with the discrete assignment of geographical units into territories subject to planning criteria. In this talk, we present an exact solution method based on an integer programming model with the objective of minimizing a p-center dispersion measure. The solution approach is an iterative algorithm that makes use of auxiliary covering-based models that help validate if, for given values of the objective function of the original problem, it is possible to find feasible solutions with at most p territories. This change allows testing various candidate distance values as lower bounds on the optimal solution of the original problem. These lower bounds are iteratively improved through a cut-generation scheme. Empirical tests on instances with up to 300 basic units reveal that the proposed algorithm performs significantly faster than the best-known exact solution method for this problem.

Keywords: Districting; p-Center Problem; Exact algorithm; Cut generation


FD2 Location
June 11, 2021  2:45 PM
2 - LV Kantorovich

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