K. Gutowska, P. Formanowicz

A systems approach based on Petri nets is increasingly used to model and analyze complex biological phenomena whose complete analysis is extremely difficult. Therefore, it is imperative to find component processes that have the most significant impact on an entire system's behavior. Such an approach is particularly useful in searching for therapeutic targets and may facilitate the development of new, more effective therapies. Searching for the mentioned, crucial component processes is associated with finding subsets of a set of transitions with a certain minimal cardinality, which are included in a sufficiently large number of t-invariant supports (t-invariants correspond to subprocesses occurring in the modeled system that do not change its state). Elements of these subsets correspond to elementary processes that appear in many subprocesses, thus they may be crucial for the functioning of the entire system. It also seems important to consider subsets of transitions that are not related to other subprocesses. Therefore, we consider the combinatorial problems of an occurrence and non-occurrence of certain subsets of transitions in t-invariant supports.

Keywords: Combinatorial problems, Searching for subsets, Analysis of Petri net-based models, Subsets of transitions in t-invariant supports


FC1 Graphs and Networks 3
June 11, 2021  12:15 PM
1 - GB Dantzig

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