L. Aranburu, A. Unzueta, M. A. Garín, J. I. Modroño Herrán, A. A. Amezua

An important problem faced by electric power distribution system operators is to know the actual location of all their assets with certainty in order to properly manage the network and provide the best possible service to their customers. In this work, we present a procedure for identifying which meters are connected to which low voltage feeders or distribution lines in smart grids. It is based on the formulation of the problem as a 0-1 optimization model with as many variables as the number of meters to be identified in the different feeders, and a number of constraints proportional to the points in time considered from the data. Given the large size of the problem in practice, its resolution through the use of conventional optimization software becomes unfeasible. Based on this approach, and making use of a stronger reformulation of the relaxation of the problem and some analytics on the data, an iterative procedure that allows recovering the integer solution of the initial model in an efficient way is developed. A computational experience has been carried out on a set of anonymized real data, obtaining results that support the efficiency of the proposed procedure.

Keywords: connectivity model, 0-1 optimization, iterative algorithm


FC2 Heuristics 3
June 11, 2021  12:15 PM
2 - LV Kantorovich

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